Bravo! (July)

By Reliv Europe Chairman, Eric Vill.

As we move into the second half of this year, I wonder how many of us have achieved the goals we set for ourselves back in January. Personally, I have hit some of my targets but other goals I have let lapse. Why? It’s simple really. The goals I really wanted to achieve have been worked on virtually every day, whilst the ones that faded into memory, I let “excuses” (not reasons) beat me.

Where are you in your quest to reach your goals? We are going to recognise a group of people who set a goal, stayed focused and through Reliv, they will be reaping their reward in September this year.

But firstly, I want to encourage us all to realign our goals and throw away the “excuse book”. Let’s get out there in the second half of 2022 and score a few goals. You have the power, don’t let anyone or anything steal that power!

There’s No Place Like Split

6 whole months ago, we served up our best European travel adventure yet by offering all Master Affiliates the opportunity of travelling to the beautiful city of Split in unspoilt Croatia. Everyone had the same opportunity with the same set of rules and credit targets. At the beginning, lots of people said the right things but as time went on, “excuses” got in the way of some of us and we started to see who was really committed to going to Croatia. Now we are in July having crossed the finishing line of this promotion and I get the honour of announcing who has earnt “There’s No Place Like Split”. Bravo!

4 Nights

Eric & Bénédicte Loridan, France

Nathalie De Pontac, France

Caroline Follet, France

Clémence Bluteau, France

3 Nights

Claire Deboeuf, France

Caroline Durand Labourier, France

Zeenat Saiyed, UK

Judy & William Leonard, The Netherlands

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! to our winning Distributors. Your performance and focus has been outstanding and you all thoroughly deserve this trip to Split in Croatia.

The promotion was the same for every person in every Reliv Europe country but at some stages, I thought the only Distributors who knew about it were from France!

That is an outstanding country effort by Eric & Bénédicte, Nathalie, Caroline, Claire, Clémence and Caroline as France dominates the winners list. It’s a good job that Zeenat from the UK and Judy & William from the Netherlands decided to join them, otherwise it would have been a French clean sweep.

The beautiful country of Croatia awaits our winners and I know that you will all have a fantastic Reliv holiday. We all applaud you. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

I hear you ask, “What and where next?” I’m sworn to secrecy of course…but start building up your PGPV. If anyone asks, I didn’t tell you that!

Rank Advancements

Here is another reason why I love Reliv so much. When I see people move up the achievement ladder, it gives me as much pleasure as I’m sure it gives them. It is fantastic to see good people starting to hit those higher levels and I’m delighted to congratulate our newest Key Directors. Bravo!

New Key Directors

Kathrin & Udo Schleede, Germany

Clémence Bluteau, France

Congratulations to you all on this achievement. Keep that momentum going and next stop is Senior Director! Brilliant work Kathrin, Udo and Clémence, thank you both so much. Bravo!

New Master Affiliate

Brygida Powela

Bravo! We are delighted to have you join the Reliv Europe Master Affiliate team Brygida. In the words of our Founder and Chairman, Robert Montgomery, “If you do good things with Reliv great things are going to happen to you.” Why not earn yourself some of the Promo 1-2-3 bonuses available to you. Ask your sponsor how!

Talking of Promo 1-2-3, let’s take a look at who achieved what in the month of June.


£50/€60 Reliv Product Credit

Nathalie De Pontac

Bénédicte & Eric Loridan

Caroline Follet

Claire & Jérôme Debeouf

£25/€30 Reliv Product Credit

Patricia Pacaut

Nadine & Christophe Aignel

Sophie & Ronan Quelven

Sylvie Goetz

Jason Gregory

Clémence Bluteau


Nadine & Christophe Aignel

Adrienne Bell

Nathalie De Pontac

Claire & Jérôme Debeouf

Inès & Pol-Henri Desgrées Du Lôu

Rachael & David Doey

Caroline Durand Labourier

Thomas Ebigt

Jason Gregory

Sabrina Krakolinig

Bénédicte & Eric Loridan

Antje Meyer-Koehler & Michael Wikek

Heather Michael

Ania Osica

Lesley Probart

Sophie & Ronan Quelven

Zeenat Saiyed

Noella & Etienne Van Huffel

Faith Vidal

Kavita White

Martina Witkoski


Faith Vidal

Bravo! to all of our worthy Promo 1-2-3 winners for the month of June. A special mention to Faith Vidal who earned the £100 Promo 3 bonus. Bravo! Faith. We could do with a few more joining her as Promo 3 winners. Is it time to pump up your Promo 1-2-3 action?

Bank Those Bonuses!

Our final bit of recognition is the Champion of Champions Awards for June. I still find it incredible that Reliv pay out bonuses like this every month!

Champion of Champions Award

A.N, Other, Europe: £750

Nadine & Christophe Aignel, France: £500

Caroline Follet, France: £300

Bénédicte & Eric Loridan, France: £150

Bravo! to our Champion of Champions, what a superb performance. Build up your PGPV and you could win up to £1500 in bonuses every month too!

We have a huge opportunity to positively change lives. That may seem dramatic, but I have seen for myself over the past 17 years how Reliv has changed lives. The reason I have seen this is simple – people just like you and me have gone out there and talked about Reliv to others. Let’s turn up the volume on talking about Reliv, grow our businesses and change lives. Tell someone about Reliv today and every day!

Proud to be your Chairman,


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