Bravo! (May)

By Reliv Europe Chairman, Eric Vill.

I am delighted to announce that we have a Reliv Europe winner of the There Is No Place Like Split travel promotion. Would you join me in applauding and shouting Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! at the top of your voice for Nathalie De Pontac, from France!

Bravo! to Nathalie De Pontac – a superb achievement!

Nathalie has earned 3 nights in Split in Croatia by accumulating over 1500 credits and with two months remaining of this exciting travel promotion I’m sure Nathalie will be going for the full 5-night extravaganza.

Who is going to join Nathalie in Split? How about you?

Let’s look at the top six who are all within touching distance of the 3-night award. What is great to see is there are a lot of others who are getting very close to joining the top six. With two months to go I can see us having a record number Reliv Europe travel qualifiers for this exciting trip to Croatia.

Top six for Split

Nathalie De Pontac (France) – 1550 credits – Qualified for 3 nights

Clémence Bluteau (France) – 1450 credits – so close you could dip your toes in the sea

Judy & William Leonard (The Netherlands) – 1450 credits – your seat on the plane awaits you

Caroline Follet (France) – 1375 credits – 125 credits to book your room in Split

Bénédicte & Eric Loridan (France) – 1375 credits – 125 credits to be welcomed aboard your flight

Paulina Golebiewska (United Kingdom) – 1325 credits – 175 credits your flight is waiting                      

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

New Master Affiliates!

Do you want the key to success? All you need to do is change your name to Nathalie! First, we have Nathalie De Pontac and now we have our two new Master Affiliates, both called Nathalie.

Bravo! to the following new Master Affiliates 

Nathalie Steidle

Nathalie Joussaume

Bravo! and congratulations to you both. Welcome to the first rank of Reliv Leadership!

Promo 1-2-3 continues to pay out those Bonuses. Bravo! to all of you who qualified in April. Superb! Adding customers, adding Distributors, and developing future leadership – 1.2.3

Promo 1-2-3

Promo 1

£50/€60 Reliv Product Credit

Caroline Follet

Nathalie De Pontac

Nadine & Christophe Aignel

£25/€30 Reliv Product Credit

Bénédicte & Eric Loridan

Sabine & Arnaud Danel

Sophie & Ronan Quelven

Caroline Durand Labourier

Promo 2

Clémence Bluteau

Sonja Brandstetter

Claire & Jérôme Debeouf

Isabelle & Alain De Buyer-Mimeure

Margot Filipovic

Sylvia Guenther

Jeanne Lemaire

Esther Kehrer

Sabrina Krakolinig

Marie-Céline Langlais

Marine Leconte

Birgit Mertens

Heather Michael

Lesley & Brian Probart

Carmen Stamp

Elvira Stola

Noella & Etienne Van Huffel

Promo 3

Nathalie Joussaume

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Bravo! to France!

A magnificent clean sweep of the Top PGPV Bonuses in April leaving the rest of Europe with nothing!

Champion of Champions Award

Champion of Europe & 1st Place PGPV: Caroline Durand Labourier – France – £750

2nd Place PGPV in Europe: Inès & Henri-Pol Desgrées Du Loû – France – £500

3rd Place PGPV in Europe: Nathalie De Pontac – France – £300

4th Place PGPV in Europe: Marie-Solange De Chenerilles – France – £150

Congratulations and Bravo! to Caroline Durand Labourier on taking that No1 spot and being Reliv Europe’s Champion of Champions for the month of April. And Bravo! to Inès & Henri-Pol, Nathalie and Marie-Solange who took the next 3 places! Superb!

Now I must ask the question…Germany, Austria, Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK are you going to do something about this, or do we change the name to the French Champion of Champions Award?

We started in Split, and we will finish in Split!

Here is the list of our Top Ten Split Credit winners for April. Bravo! to every one of you. In fact, Bravo! to all our listed winners for the month of April!

There’s No Place Like Split!  – Top 10 PGPV

Caroline Durand Labourier – 300 credits

Inès & Henri-Pol Desgrées Du Loû – 250 credits

Nathalie De Pontac – 200 credits

Marie-Solange De Chenerilles – 175 credits

Caroline Follet – 150 credits

Sabine & Arnaud Danel – 125 credits

Nadja & Andreas Reinold – 100 credits

Sonja Brandstetter – 75 credits

Isabelle & Alain De Buyer-Mimeure – 50 credits

Arnaud Lecuyer – 25 credits

Just two more months to qualify to get yourself and one other to Split in beautiful Croatia! You can do this! Who says so? You, say it to yourself! Have faith in yourself, you can do this! If not now, when? If not you, who?     

Eric’s tip for the month

Time is a gift, use it wisely!

Reliv Europe and Reliv Europe Distributors, you got to love it and them, I do!


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