Coming Out of Isolation as a New Parent

By Reliv Europe Communications & Events Coordinator, Frances Keaney.

Isolation during the pandemic was tough for many of us. Speaking as a relatively new parent (my child was born in September 2020), my initial parenting journey was very different to how I always thought it would be. The lack of time with family, friends and being able to explore new places together could be challenging at times. Now things are finally getting back to normal for most of us, it can be intimidating to know where to start enjoying your time as a new parent out of isolation. Hopefully some of my own tried and tested tips can help!

Join Classes and Playgroups

If you feel comfortable doing so, find a local class or playgroup that you or a carer can take your child to. There are many indoor and outdoor options available, and most classes have an online presence for you to research further. Being in lockdown made my child very anxious around strangers but as soon as we were able to, we attended some baby (and now toddler) classes together and his grandparents take him to playgroup regularly. I have noticed a huge difference in his confidence around other adults and he loves being able to interact with other children.

Get Outdoors

Whenever we have a day of nice weather, I try to make the most of it with my child by getting outside. Whether it’s taking a trip to different parks, going on a walk or just spending time in the garden, we both really enjoy being outside together. My child loves running around in his wellies, getting dirty and I appreciate being out of the house! Plus, the fresh air helps him to sleep fantastically which is always a bonus!

Make Time for Yourself

Spending time with your child is almost the complete make-up of your life as a new parent so it’s important to try and take some time for yourself too. Now that most places are open and operating normally again, try and get some childcare for an hour or two a week and do something for yourself. We all need a break once in a while so find something to help you to switch off and unwind – go to the gym, visit a shopping centre or binge on your favourite tv show!

Embrace Family and Friends

One of the hardest parts of the pandemic was not being able to share the first few months of my child’s life with family and friends as much as I wanted to. Being able to visit family and friends on a regular basis now has been amazing for both myself and my child. He loves spending time with his grandparents, cousins and my friends’ children and I enjoy seeing him interact with my nearest and dearest.

Leaving isolation can be an overwhelming experience for a new parent and I am by no means an expert! But I have thoroughly enjoyed experiencing new opportunities with my child after such an isolated start and I can’t wait for more adventures to come this year such as going abroad, achieving more milestones, and sharing Reliv Now for Kids shakes together!

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