Bravo! (April)

By Reliv Europe Chairman, Eric Vill.

The Reliv Kalogris Foundation, named after Doctor Theodore Kalogris, creator of our Classic product, is one of the major reasons that our company is unique. It provides Reliv nutrition to over 30,000 under-privileged and under-nourished children every day in centres all over the world. We as a company along with you as Distributors make a huge difference to the lives of those who benefit from the Foundation. Thank you and Bravo! to each and every single one of you who donates to the Foundation. I’m proud to work with people like you.

The easiest way to contribute to the Kalogris Foundation is by making your donation when ordering your products but you can also build your personal business volume (PGPV) in one month to over 16,000 PGPV. By doing this, you will also become the proud receiver of a Dr Ted Plaque and more importantly, Reliv will donate enough products to feed 15 children for a month on your behalf. Bravo!

It gives me great pleasure in recognising a couple who are always trying to make a difference in the lives of others less fortunate than themselves and are Dr Ted Plaque winners for the month of March. Bravo! Judy & William Leonard. 15 children have received Reliv nutrition for a whole month because of your super efforts. Thank you.

Dr Ted Plaque Winners

Judy & William Leonard

Champion of Champions March 2022

Judy and William continue to dominate the March list of Reliv winners, earning a cheque of £1500 as the top Distributors in the Champion of Champions league. Bravo! once again and also a big Bravo! to the other Distributors who join them. Absolutely top-class performances from all of the following people. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Champion of Champions Award

Champion of Europe & 1st Place PGPV: Judy & William Leonard, the Netherlands – £1500

2nd Place PGPV in Europe: Nadine & Christophe Aignel, France – £750

3rd Place PGPV in Europe: Caroline Durand Labourier, France – £300

4th Place PGPV in Europe: Bénédicte & Eric Loridan, France – £150

Nearly another clean sweep by the French again, will we see any challenges from the UK, Germany, Austria or Ireland in April? Or perhaps someone from Poland or Italy could snatch the prize…do I know something you don’t?

500 Club

Congratulations to the newest members of our 500 Club, Claire Deboeuf and Bénédicte & Eric Loridan from France, who have earned €500 for the first time across all forms of income. What a fantastic achievement! Bravo!

Club 500

Claire Deboeuf

Bénédicte & Eric Loridan

PROMO 1-2-3

Let’s look at who has been shaking things up and winning those Promo 1-2-3 product credits and cash bonuses. The first thing you will notice is that the list of winners is getting longer every month. Bravo! What’s more, the £50/€60 product credit winners are expanding. That means a growing customer base. Bravo! Plus, look at the cash bonuses being paid out in sections 2 and 3 – the list is growing in numbers and value which means more people are joining Reliv and taking up that first position of Master Affiliate. Reliv Europe people are making it work. Bravo!


£50/€60 Reliv Product Credit

Nadine & Christophe Aignel, France

Sophie & Ronan Quelven, France

Nathalie De Pontac, France

Caroline Follet, France

£25/€30 Reliv Product Credit

Anne & Jean Soubrier, France

Claire & Jérôme Debeouf, France

Béatrice & Alain Le Faucheur, France

Maylis Sauvegrain, France

Nathalie Labbe, France

Marie Moreau De La Ronde, France

Michelle & Emmanuel Boronad, France


Annina Bill, Austria: £10

Clémence Bluteau, France: £10

Claire & Jérôme Debeouf, France: £10

Caroline Durand Labourier, France: £10

Gabriela & Thomas Wolf Erik Ebigt, Germany: £30

Elisabeth Le Frapper, France: £10

Caroline Follet, France: £60

Dragana Gorgiev, Austria: £10

Paulina Golebiewska, United Kingdom: £10

Jason Gregory, United Kingdom: £10

Carola Keppner, Germany: £10

Kristina Kovacs, Austria: £10

Ruth Krist, Germany: £10

Virginie Le Pan D’Epenoux, France: £30

Marine Leconte, France: £30

Birgit Mertens, Germany: £30

Danielle Mertens, Germany: £10

Heather Michael UNITED KINGDOM £30

Maylis Sauvegrain, France: £10

Faith Vidal, United Kingdom: £30

Martina Witkoski, Germany: £30

Rita Zeppetzauer, Austria: £10


Paulina Golebiewska, United Kingdom: £100

Judy & William Leonard, the Netherlands: £100

Nadine & Christophe Aignel, France: £100

Bénédicte & Eric Loridan, France: £100

Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU for playing your part in helping Reliv to grow and flourish!

Bravo 1! Bravo 2! Bravo 3!


March has seen some new people emerge into leadership positions and I am absolutely delighted to recognise Bénédicte & Eric Loridan from France who have progressed to Director status. Bravo! to you both. Superb!

New Directors

Bénédicte & Eric Loridan

Following our new Directors are our new Master Affiliates who I am sure are determined to join Bénédicte & Eric very soon. Bravo! to all of our new Master Affiliates.

New Master Affiliates

Timmy McKee

Peter & Elly Van der Aa

Anne-Marie Richomme

Amélie & Sébastien Campredon

You have the opportunity to let Reliv take you to beautiful Split in gorgeous, unspoilt Croatia. The numbers getting near to qualification are growing and remember, there is no limit as to how many people can earn this fantastic trip. Before we look at who is nearest to qualification, let’s see the Top 10 PGPV winners for March. Guess who earned the maximum 300 credits…yes that’s right, its Judy & William Leonard. Bravo! Wonderful credit scoring performances from all 10 of you. Bravo!

There’s No Place Like Split!  – Top 10 PGPV

Judy & William Leonard – 300 credits

Nadine & Christophe Aignel – 250 credits

Caroline Durand Labourier – 200 credits

Bénédicte & Eric Loridan – 175 credits

Paulina Golebiewska – 150 credits

Sabine & Arnaud Danel – 125 credits

Britta & Andreas Bullmann – 100 credits

Noella & Etienne Van Huffel – 75 credits

Armelle & Henri Cacheux – 50 credits

Rosa Roeth – 25 credits

Here’s our Top 12 “There’s No Place Like Split” credit leaders. We are at the halfway point and it’s getting really exciting!

1st Judy and William Leonard, Netherlands: 1450 credits       

2nd Clémence Bluteau, France: 1350 credits

3rd Paulina Golebiewska, United Kingdom: 1325 credits

4th Eric and Bénédicte Loridan, France: 1075 credits

5th Caroline Follet, France: 1025 credits

6th Nathalie De Pontac, France: 1000 credits

7th Marie-Dominique Latournerie, France: 800 credits

8th Caroline Durand Labourier, France: 650 credits

8th Sophie and Ronan Quelven, Franc: 650 credits

10th Martina Witkoski, Germany: 550 credits

10th Nadine & Christophe Aignel, France: 550 credits

12th Birgit Mertens, Germany: 500 credits

12th Claire Deboeuf, France: 500 credits




What an outstanding performance from all of you. It’s amazing to see Judy & William, Clémence and Paulina within touching distance of securing their seats on the flight to Split for a minimum of 3 nights and well on their way to the 5-night extravaganza.

Just to remind everyone, this trip includes flights and accommodation for two people. Trust me, we are going to have so much fun in Split that we will need another holiday to relax! I have a feeling that there will be a record number of qualifiers for this trip. What a great place to visit and what a fantastic company to be part of. Croatia, here we come!

Eric’s Monthly Tip

Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher!

Reliv, you’ve got to love it…I do.

Proud to be your Chairman.


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