Bravo! (March)

By Reliv Europe Chairman, Eric Vill.

I hope our Distributors don’t mind, and if you do then that’s too bad! I want to say Bravo! to the Reliv Europe Head Office team, all of whom over the past few weeks have had to cope with various challenges and technical issues. Every member of each department has been superb and has shown commitment to the Distributors and the company. Thank you everyone! Bravo!

I think one of the greatest things about Reliv is the fact that right across the Reliv world, we recognise Distributors who are making things happen. If you ask someone who has a regular job when they were last recognised for their work, 99.9% of them will tell you that they only get recognised when they do something wrong. That’s not the case here at Reliv! Do good things and you will get recognised. If we do things wrong, we use it as an opportunity to learn.

So, who are the rising stars, who is leading by example and who will we be saying Bravo! to this month? There are a lot of people to recognise from February and I’m going to start by recognising the top sponsoring Distributors. New Distributors joining Reliv are the lifeblood of our business, but the heartbeat of Reliv are the Distributors who go out there and sponsor these new people. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! to our 4 main beating hearts for February.


1st Paulina Golebiewska, United Kingdom: sponsored 5 new Distributors

Joint 2nd Carmen Stamp, Germany: sponsored 2 new Distributors

Joint 2nd Caroline Follet, France: sponsored 2 new Distributors

Joint 2nd Birgit Mertens, Germany: sponsored 2 new Distributors

Great work ladies, you are leading the way by example. Bravo!

We must particularly recognise Paulina Golebiewska who brought 5 new Distributors from Northern Ireland into her organisation, 2 of whom have become Master Affiliates at the end of February and beginning of March. Well done, Paulina! Bravo! If you do the same work in March, you can start packing your case for a trip to Croatia!

Talking of Croatia, let’s look at who has earned the Top 10 PGPV credits for our promotion, There’s No Place Like Split! There are just under 4 months left of the promotion and these folks are accumulating those trip credits:

There’s No Place Like Split!  – Top 10 PGPV

Clémence Bluteau – 300 credits

Sophie & Ronan Quelven – 250 credits

Anne & Jean Soubrier – 200 credits

Isabelle & Alain De Buyer-Mimeure – 175 credits

Sabrina Krakolinig – 150 credits

Nadja & Andreas Reinold – 125 credits

Elvira Stola – 100 credits

Paulina Golebiewska – 75 credits

Caroline Durand Labourier – 50 credits

Laurent & Marie-Laure Leprette – 25 credits

It seems like the French are very keen to go to Croatia, grabbing 6 of those top 10 places. Bravo! to Clémence Bluteau who took the top spot. Fantastic work Clemence and Bravo! X 10 to every single one of you who took those top 10 places.

Now let’s look at the up-to-date Croatia Leaders’ Board. Here are your top 10 but remember if 100 people qualify for the trip, 100 people will go!


Clémence Bluteau – France – 1100 credits

Judy and William Leonard – The Netherlands – 900 credits

Paulina Golebiewska – United Kingdom – 825 credits

Marie-Dominique Latournerie – France – 800 credits

Nathalie De Pontac – France – 800 credits

Caroline Follet – France – 675 credits

Sophie & Ronan Quelven – France – 500 credits

Carmen Stamp – Germany – 475 credits

Isabelle Laehner – Austria – 450 credits

Elvira Stola – Germany – 400 credits

Clémence Bluteau (France) takes the top position again and with 1100 credits, she only needs 400 credits to secure a 3-night stay in Croatia. Judy & William Leonard (Netherlands) maintain a top 3 position and only need 600 credits for a 3-night stay. In 3rd position is Paulina Golebiewska (UK) who is more than halfway towards earning a 3-night stay. Keep working hard and aiming for the top prize of a 5-night stay! Well done to everyone in the Leaders’ Board and to everyone else who has earned credits. Bravo! If you haven’t got any credits yet, you can still earn your place on this trip. Get busy in building your business!





Get Eric to Donate and Spend His Money!

For everyone who qualifies for the complete 5-night Split adventure, I will contribute £25 to the Kalogris Foundation and buy your first drinks on your first night of the holiday! Make me spend my money…I dare you!


We all love champions and when your Champion of Champions winners come from the same country, a whole nation will love their champions. Be proud France, you have all 4 bonus-earning Champion of Champions for the month of February. Bravo! FRANCE!

Champion of Champions Award

Champion of Europe & 1st Place PGPV: Clémence Bluteau: £750

2nd Place PGPV in Europe: Sophie & Ronan Quelven: £500

3rd Place PGPV in Europe: Anne & Jean Soubrier: £300

4th Place PGPV in Europe: Isabelle & Alain De Buyer-Mimeure: £150

Bravo! to Clémence Bluteau once again. This lady is truly leading the way. Enjoy your £750 Bonus Clémence. I’m hoping you will be at MATS in Paris on 18th and 19th March so I can congratulate you in person. I know those of you who claimed 2nd, 3rd and 4th position already and I am delighted that you are leading the way too. Thank you and a huge Bravo!

Are you folks from the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Germany, or Austria going to sit back and let the French dominate the big bonus cheques?


Another beautiful aspect of Reliv is that unlike conventional business where there is only room for one person at the top, we have room for thousands of people at the top. The emergence of new Master Affiliates and above, is extremely important to the wellbeing of the business. The more leaders we grow, the healthier and stronger our business gets.

Congratulations to the following Distributors who have become Master Affiliates in February. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

New Master Affiliates

Jérôme & Myriam Deboeuf

Soraya Ghadery

Magali Sauvaneix

Ruth Krist

Isabel Laehner

Heather Michael

We also have 3 new Directors to recognise! Bravo! to all 3 of you. This is wonderful to see. Next stop Key Directors?

New Directors

Sophie & Ronan Quelven

Isabel Laehner

Paulina Golebiewska

Let’s remind ourselves what Promo 1, 2, 3 is all about:

Promo 1 is all about finding and retaining customers. Promo 2 is all about finding and introducing new frontline Distributors. Promo 3 is all about developing new Master Affiliates.

Let’s recognise who has been growing their customer base, Distributor numbers and developing new Master Affiliates.


£50/€60 Reliv Product Credit

Nathalie De Pontac

Caroline Follet

Sophie & Ronan Quelven

£25/€30 Reliv Product Credit

Nathalie Joussaume

Isabelle & Alain De Buyer-Mimeure

Patricia Pacaut

Nadine & Christophe Aignel


Nathalie De Pontac: £10

Eric & Bénédicte Loridan: £10

Caroline Follet: £60

Paulina Golebiewska: £120

Mimi Ivanova: £10

Sabrina Krakolinig: £10

Ruth Krist: £10

Isabel Laehner: £10

Virginie Le Pan D’Epenoux: £10

Judy & William Leonard: £10

Birgit Mertens: £30

Magali Sauvaneix: £10

Carmen Stamp: £30

Faith Vidal: £10

Brigitte Voglmayr: £10

Stephan Werner: £10

Martina Witkoski: £10


Clémence Bluteau: £200

Sophie & Ronan Quelven: £100

Isabel Laehner: £100

Paulina Golebiewska: £100

Congratulations to all of you. Bravo! Once again special congratulations go to Clémence Bluteau and Paulina Golebiewska who are our top Promo 1, 2, 3 bonus earners in February. Clémence develops two new Master Affiliates and gets a £200 bonus while Paulina sponsors 5 new Fast Start Distributors (£120) and develops a new Master Affiliate (£100) so she will collect a £220 Bonus.

That’s it for the month of February. There is a lot of great action taking place! Let me write about your success in March in the next edition of Bravo! To do that don’t sit in the stadium, get onto the field of play, you have the POWER!

March Tip!

Sponsoring is a process not an event – the fortune is in the follow up.

Reliv Europe Distributors, you gotta love them…I do!


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