Bravo! (February)

By Reliv Europe Chairman, Eric Vill.

As the winners of our 2021 Travel the World trip to South Africa pack their suitcases and sun cream and fly off into the sunset, another amazing opportunity to travel the world appears on the Reliv horizon.


There are only 19 weeks to go to qualify for this Reliv European trip of a lifetime. We already have Distributors who have earned credits in January and are aiming for the full 5 nights in Split extravaganza. Bravo!

I plan to give you an update each month in your Bravo! newsletter to let you know who is leading the way. Now remember, and this is very important, there is no restriction on the number of people who can qualify for this promotion. If 100 of you meet the credit requirements for 3, 4, or ultimately 5 nights, you are all on the plane. That’s Reliv travel for you. Fantastic!

Here are the Distributors who make up our Top 10 PGPV for January and have accumulated “There’s No Place like Split” travel credits. Congratulations to the following Distributors:

There’s No Place Like Split!  – Top 10 PGPV

Nathalie De Pontac – 300 credits

Anne & Jean de Chassey – 250 credits

Caroline Durand Labourier – 200 credits

Carmen Stamp – 175 credits

Olivia Grimaux – 150 credits

Caroline Follet – 125 credits

Véronique De Chenerilles – 100 credits

Anne Geisler – 75 credits

Anja & Bernd Kern – 50 credits

Georgina & John Kempton – 25 credits


I was fortunate enough to stay in Croatia with a wonderful group of Reliv people 2 years ago. I think they would all agree with me when I say that Croatia is stunningly beautiful because it is totally unspoilt. Don’t miss out on the chance to win your way and let Reliv pay!

As our Chairman and Founder Robert Montgomery says, ‘If you do great things with Reliv, great things are going to happen to you!” Croatia is one of those great things.

So, who are our top 12 credit winners for that trip to Split in Croatia after January? Let’s take a look:

Judy & William Leonard – 800 credits – only 700 credits more to secure 3 nights

Marie-Dominique Latournerie – 750 credits – only 750 credits more to secure 3 nights

Nathalie De Pontac – 600 credits – only 900 credits more to secure 3 nights

Caroline Follet – 375 credits – Croatia is waiting for you Caroline

Isabelle de Tarle – 375 credits – Croatia is waiting for you Isabelle

Mary Murphy – 375 credits – Croatia is waiting for you Mary

Elvira Stola – 300 credits – Croatia is waiting for you Elvira

Zeenat Saiyed – 300 credits – Croatia is waiting for you Zeenat

Carmen Stamp – 275 credits – Croatia is waiting for you Carmen

Anne & Jean De Chassey – 250 credits – Croatia is waiting for you Anne & Jean

Caroline Durand – 250 credits – Croatia is waiting for you Caroline

Kristina Kovacs – 250 credits – Croatia is waiting for you Kristina

Bravo! to our top 12 credit winners for that superb start in January for the Travel the World trip to Split in Croatia. In fact, Bravo! to all Distributors who acquired credits in January. Tighten your seat belts and let’s get ready for take off!


Isn’t it fantastic to be the master of your own destiny when you become a Reliv Distributor? You don’t have to wait for someone to leave or hope you will get promoted. With Reliv, it is up to you and here are two Distributorships who have decided to rise up the Reliv Ranks in January. I want to say Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! to our newest Master Affiliates for January.

New Master Affiliates

Antje Meyer-Koehler & Michael Wikek

Kristina Kovacs

Eric Loridan

As you can see below, Kristina Kovac didn’t stop there! Kristina took it to a new level and became Reliv Europe’s first Director of 2022. Bravo!

New Directors

Kristina Kovac

It gets even more exciting as we witness the emerging talents and leadership of Marie-Dominique Latournerie and Judy & William Leonard who start the year by hitting that all important Key Director level and have therefore earned a bonus of £250. “Start as you mean to go on” I think is the message from these wonderful Reliv Distributors.

New Key Directors

Marie-Dominique Latournerie

Judy & William Leonard


Who will become Reliv Europe’s first 2022 SENIOR DIRECTOR?

Who will become Reliv Europe’s first 2022 MASTER DIRECTOR?

Who will become Reliv Europe’s first 2022 GLOBAL AMBASSADOR?

Who will become Reliv Europe’s first 2022 PRESIDENTIAL DIRECTOR?

Kristina, Antje & Michael, Eric, Marie-Dominique and Judy & William have led the way in 2022 so far. Who will join them and climb the Reliv ladder of success?

Reliv Europe’s Champion of Champions January 2022

Huge congratulations to the following 4 Distributorships who have earned a well-deserved bonus for being Reliv Europe’s finest during January 2022. It was nearly a clean sweep for the French with Nathalie, Anne & Jean and Caroline taking the top 3 spots, but Carmen came in 4th position to represent Germany.

Congratulations to all of our Champions this month. Who will challenge them and will France continue to be the dominant force when it comes to earning the BIG MONEY?

Champion of Champions Award

Champion of Europe & 1st Place PGPV: Nathalie De Pontac: £750

2nd Place PGPV in Europe: Anne & Jean de Chassey: £500

3rd Place PGPV in Europe: Caroline Durand Labourier: £300

4th Place PGPV in Europe: Carmen Stamp: £150

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Find Customers, Start New Distributors, Develop New Master Affiliates!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 or as we call it, Promo 1-2-3. Only Reliv would pay out bonuses to Distributors for doing the fundamental basics of growing their business. Finding Customers, Distributors and developing Master Affiliates and here is a wonderfully long list of folks who have done just that in the January and earned Promo 1-2-3 bonus cheques. Huge applause and an even bigger Bravo! to all of you.


£75/€90 Reliv Product Credit

Caroline Follet

£50/€60 Reliv Product Credit

Nathalie De Pontac

Sophie & Ronan Quelven

£25/€30 Reliv Product Credit

Maylis Sauvegrain

Nadine & Christophe Aignel

Nathalie Joussaume

Inès & Pol-Henri Desgrées Du Loû

Anne Cuchet


Sonja Brandstetter: £10

Clémence Bluteau: £10

Nathalie De Pontac: £30

Thomas Wolf Erik & Gabriela Ebigt: £10

Ljubisa Lazov & Suzana Lazov-Dimitrova: £10

Caroline Follet: £10

Nathalie Joussaume: £10

Nicole Heihsler: £30

Isabelle De Buyer-Mimeure: £10

Mimi Ivanova: £10

Isabelle Laehner: £10

Virginie Le Pan D’Epenoux: £10

Birgit Mertens: £10

Wanda Ostwald: £10

Lesley Probart: £10

Zeenat Saiyed: £60

Magali Sauvaneix: £10

Heike Schneider: £10

Carmen Stamp: £10

Elvira Stola: £60

Faith Vidal: £10

Martina Witkoski: £30


Kristina Kovacs: £100

Nathalie de Pontac: £100

Bravo! Kristina and Nathalie, you are the biggest Promo 1-2-3 bonus winners for the month of January. Bravo!

I love this!

Every Reliv Distributor is my favourite, however, here is one of my favourite favourites. This lady has shown commitment and determination and it gives me great pleasure to tell you that Maylis Sauvegrain has become a member of the 500 Club. I know this will be the first stop towards becoming a future Key Director. Bravo!

500 Club

Maylis Sauvegrain

Brand New Leadership Call For 2022 – You Can Take Part!

We are going to be having once a month leadership calls that Distributors have to qualify for. I can tell you this call will have huge value to everyone that joins us with information updates, recognition, leadership training and much more. The first one is happening soon and I’m delighted to list everyone who has qualified to attend this first leadership call. Bravo! to all of you. Let’s all work together to take Reliv Europe to the top. Bravo!

Leaders Call Qualifiers

Anne Favrot

Antoinette Moretti

Béatrice & Alain Le Faucheur   

Caroline Durand Labourier    

Claire Jeanneau 

Colette & Bernard Dhellemmes     

Eglantine Lerolle

Elisabeth Martin       

Françoise & Pierre Poulizac        

Gabriela Wochner

Nadja & Andreas Reinold

Isabelle De Tarlé 

Anne & Jean De Chassey

Lesley & Brian Probart  

Marie-Dominique Latournerie

Marie-Solange De Chenerilles

Nadine & Christophe Aignel     

Noella & Etienne Van Huffel

Olivia Grimaux   

Patricia Le Carré

Britta & Andreas Bullmann

Judy & William Leonard

Eric’s Bravo! Tip

The people recognised in this letter don’t sit around waiting for things to happen. They make things happen! MAKE CROATIA HAPPEN FOR YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE!

Thank you all for the opportunity to help and for all that you do!


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