Reliv Welcomes Françoise & Pierre Poulizac to Our Hall of Fame!

Francoise & Pierre Poulizac, France

Reliv welcomes Françoise and Pierre Poulizac of France to our Hall of Fame! They are the first International Distributors to join the ranks of the Reliv Hall of Fame which they achieved by being in the Top 15 earners a total of five times. Congratulations to them both! We managed to catch up with Françoise to discover the key to their success and to find out what keeps them so motivated. Here is what she shared with us:

Q: Where do you live?

At the moment we live in Reuil-Malmaison but we are about to move and live in Brittany permanently.

Q: In addition to your work with Reliv, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Since Pierre retired, we are spending more time at our house in Alsace. Pierre loves DIY! We love walking and hiking in the surrounding forests, reading and spending quality time with our grandchildren.

Q: What is your Reliv regimen? 

We’ve been taking 2 shakes a day for the last 13 years; Reliv Classic, FibRestore and Innergize! as well as the LunaRich capsules.  When we’re out walking we always take an Innergize! drink with us. All of our 10 grandchildren have a Reliv Now for Kids chocolate shake every morning and love it!

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?

Reliv has had an incredibly positive impact on the whole family, both from a wellbeing perspective and financially. Pierre has always supported my decision to work with Reliv and his support has and always will be very precious to me. Building my business and establishing a strong network over 13 years has also enabled me to develop personally. With the help and support of my upline and the team I work with, I have changed as a person, learned new skills and achieved things that I never thought I was capable of achieving. Helping others to change their lives has been a huge part of my personal development. I have made friends for life and have been lucky enough to go on many amazing Reliv trips. We have never travelled so much since we started this journey with Reliv! To top it all, Reliv has meant that I now have the perfect balance between my family and professional life. I have a sense of purpose and life is never dull! I can organise my schedule to suit myself and also spend time with my grandchildren during the holidays.

Q: How do you develop your Reliv business? 

I’m a talker and that has always helped me to develop my business.  I was always in trouble for chatting at school and now I have a job where talking is essential! The quality of the Reliv products is something that I am confident talking about because I believe in them. I’m passionate about helping people to find the perfect balance in their lives. I also believe in the company and its values. Reliv has never disappointed me and I am proud to represent this company as an Ambassador. So it’s simple, my business has grown because I’m able to share this opportunity with others and help people to reach their own goals – this is the best reward!

Q: How has your Reliv business impacted your life? 

The income that we have built up over the last 13 years has allowed us to make choices. We have been able to finance our children’s education, renovate our family home in Alsace and now we can pass this on to our family. Reliv has given us financial security in a way that no other job would have. Like any work it’s not always easy but I don’t regret a second of this adventure. I am hugely grateful to my friend Anne Favrot who introduced us to Reliv. She has changed our lives and with the network we have built up over the years, many other people’s lives too!

Q: What do you tell others about Reliv?

When I first meet people, I don’t tell them anything about Reliv. I just get to know them and understand what their needs are.  I work on creating a connection with them.  In my experience, you can’t help people who don’t want to be helped! I don’t want people to choose Reliv to make me happy, I want them to choose Reliv in order to help themselves. When they’ve made a choice and I know what they’re looking for, I help them to reach their goals. There are so many Reliv tools to help you along the way, but you can’t beat a personal connection.

Q: What is your advice to a new Reliv Distributor?

Don’t prejudge people or second guess what they’re thinking. The best advice I can give you is that if you are convinced about the quality of the Reliv products and the company that you are working for then just share your passion. Don’t try too hard – if you are a ‘true’ person, people will feel it and follow you.  Also, don’t worry if you don’t get results immediately. It’s important to respect people’s right to choose. If you are convinced about what you are doing, you will succeed!

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business? Our next objective is to help our team progress. I’m really looking forward to welcoming another French Ambassador to the team and I hope that now we’ve shown what is possible, other European leaders will join us in the Reliv Hall of Fame. We are extremely proud and honoured to be a part of this prestigious group of Ambassadors. In all honesty, we weren’t expecting it and still can’t believe it.  We will never stop sharing Reliv!

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