The Future is Now with Reliv!

Our biggest event of the calendar – The Reliv Europe Conference – was once again virtual this year, but that didn’t stop us having a fun, motivational and exciting event! Thank you to everyone who was involved in the Future is Now Reliv Europe Conference. Here are just some of the highlights from this fantastic event.

The Conference was opened in style with a special message from Reliv International CEO, Ryan Montgomery. Ryan shared his enthusiasm for the growth of Reliv Europe by maintaining our values of quality, integrity and creating a feeling of family within the company. With working from home more relevant now than ever before, this is the perfect time for someone to build their Reliv business!

Trailblazing Distributors Carmen Stamp and Birgit Mertens reflected on their recent success with Reliv and how they have built excitement within their groups. They are especially excited about all of the rewards they have received simply for building their Reliv business and helping others at the same time!

Reliv President & Kalogris Foundation Chairman, Scott Montgomery, talked about the heart of our company – the Foundation – and its amazing work in helping to change the lives of children around the world.

Global Ambassador, Kari Montgomery, explored how to engage with others online and offline. She talked us through the principles of “know, like and trust” and how crucial it is to build a relationship with your contacts before introducing them to Reliv. Remember to be authentic and be yourself!

We then heard from inspirational Reliv Athletic team member, Corné De Koning, and how he won a silver medal at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo! He talked about his years of hard work and preparation that led him to great success on the biggest sporting stage in the world. He shared his favourite Reliv products with us – Innergize and Provantage – and showed us that breath-taking silver medal which weighs a whopping 500g!

Senior Director, Elisabeth Martin, shared her journey with Reliv and the fantastic bonuses and benefits she’s earned as a result. We also heard from and recognised many other Distributors for their fantastic achievements and success throughout the past year.

The first European Distributor to join the Reliv Global Ambassador Team, Caroline Durand Labourier, discussed the importance of building momentum within your team and what a perfect person to talk about this topic given her recent success! Caroline gave us her top tip of holding a momentum week at the end of each month full of hard work and improving key areas of your business to give it a big boost.

Reliv Europe Chairman, Eric Vill, shared a truly inspiring story about belief. He is eager to work with Distributors in person once more and work with those who believe in the company’s potential and their own potential to reach heights never achieved before!

Presidential Bronze Ambassadors, Nadja & Andreas Reinold, literally showed us how to make Reliv meetings magnetic! Some Reliv meetings have temporarily moved online due to the COVID pandemic and so it is more important to make meetings as enticing and exciting as possible.

Product Advisor, Peter Griscom, answered some key product questions relevant to the field today. He talked about the importance of product quality, transparency and honest marketing to capture the attention of those new to Reliv. Keep your messaging simple!

We received fantastic advice on how to deliver good customer service from Reliv Europe Events & Marketing Manager, Dominique Vill. Dominique’s top tips were to be engaged with the latest Reliv tools and promotions which you can do by joining the official Facebook group for Reliv Europe Distributors. She also recommended to track the progress of your team using Dashboard and to thank and congratulate people using our brand new e-cards!

Before the Conference came to its close, we heard from new Hall of Fame Members, Francoise & Pierre Poulizac – the first European Distributors to achieve this ultimate goal in Reliv! They shared their joy at being part of this prestigious group and how happy they were to have helped many people to achieve their own goals and dreams.

Finally, the Future is Now Conference was closed by Reliv Europe Sales Manager, Jason Gregory, who had also hosted the event. Jason took the time to recognise each speaker who contributed to the Conference and announced the first winners of our Travel the World promotion, Carmen Stamp and Caroline Durand Labourier! Jason highlighted the importance of taking action and staying focused to make your dreams become a reality. Understand and unlock your true potential! We hope you enjoyed the Future is Now Conference as much as we did. Watch it again in full by visiting our website and don’t forget to share the replay of this event with your contacts!

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