The Inside Scoop From New Key Director, Marie Moreau De La Ronde!

Marie Moreau De La Ronde, France

Congratulations to Marie Moreau de la Ronde who advanced to rank of Key Director in February of this year! She lives with her husband Hubert in Poitiers, the capital of the Poitou area of western France.  We wanted to discover the inspiration behind her success. Here is what Marie had to say:

Q: In addition to your work with Reliv, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love the flexibility of working with Reliv! In between work meetings, I really enjoy playing tennis, walking or just meeting up with friends for a coffee!

Q: What is your Reliv regimen? 

I take Reliv Classic, lemon Innergize! and FibRestore in the morning and in the evening. If I’m doing any kind of sport, I’ll always take a drinks bottle of Innergize! with me.

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?

Firstly, I have a much better sense of wellbeing and I have grown in self-confidence enormously.  I’m also much more open to other people. I have the perfect balance between my personal life and my professional life.

Q: How do you develop your Reliv business? 

I discovered Reliv through a friend 8 years ago. I was immediately taken with the simplicity of the Reliv products and was keen to share this with others. To develop my business, I’m always looking at ways to improve myself and learn new things. I’m consistent in what I do on a daily basis and with the support of my team, I love to help other Distributors reach their own personal goals. In the last 2 years, I have actively been using the Reliv System and marketing tools to help me advance to Key Director.  

Q: How has your Reliv business impacted your life? 

Before Reliv, I was a shop assistant.  Reliv came at a really good time for me and I was able to reinvent myself. I’ve found the motivation to get up in the morning again!

Q: What do you tell other people about Reliv?

I tell them that Reliv is a very caring family business. I’ve been working with the company for 8 years now and we have helped many people to improve the quality of their lives in a simple and original way.

Q: What is your advice to a new Reliv Distributor?

I would advise any new Reliv Distributor to use the Reliv system, it works! I would also recommend that you make the most of the caring support of your team to help you reach your own goals.

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?

My ultimate goal is to become a Reliv Ambassador!

Q: Why did you choose Reliv?  I chose Reliv because I fell in love with the products and also to give me a new sense of purpose in my profession.  What a joy it is to meet and work with so many people with such big hearts! 

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