How to Set Up a Mobile Office for Success

By Mandy L. Manley, Professional Organiser and Owner of Skeleton Key Organizing and Reliv Europe.

Today’s entrepreneurs lead busy lives that keep us on the road! Many days, we spend as much time in our cars and away from our desks as we do in our home offices. Opportunities to meet potential customers arise every time we’re in line, grocery shopping or running other errands. 

How can you set yourself up for success when you’re always on the go? Learn how to set up a mobile office and be ready to run your business from anywhere!

Create a “Go” Bag

Take a moment to think through the items you’d need if you met someone interested in becoming a customer. You’d want to take notes, be able to show them the product line, have a way to explain the Reliv opportunity, take their order and hand them a business card before they go. Take a few minutes to put a “go” bag together! Add chargers for your devices, pens, sticky notes or a notepad and any information about the products that you can share. Take it with you wherever you go so you’re always prepared!

Get Digital

Speaking of devices, have you downloaded the Reliv mobile app? This powerful tool was specially designed by developers to give you everything you need to run your business from anywhere. The Reliv app sends you instant notifications when you have new activity, allows you to view your latest personal group activity, and track stats like personal group orders and volume. It also makes it simple to share videos with recruits. The app even notifies you when someone has viewed your video and how long they viewed it for so you can follow up with them instantly! 

Just met someone who’s ready to get started? The app makes it fast and easy to sign people up via your personal website or at! Have time to kill? Use that time wisely by accessing the latest training and tools available at your fingertips.

Best of all, the app is free for 30 days for new Distributors and the web bundle is free for Master Affiliates for 3 months! Talk about getting set up for success!

Be the Brand

You probably pass dozens or hundreds of people every day just while you’re running errands. That’s more people than you could possibly have individual conversations with, but there’s still a way to leave them with a message about Reliv. When you use Reliv accessories whilst you’re out and about, you’re speaking volumes to everyone that you pass without saying a word. As you’re drinking your morning shake, the Reliv logo on your shaker invites people to inquire about what’s in your smoothie.

To order, log in to the Reliv website, then click “Shop” and “Reliv Accessories”.

Let’s Go

With a little forethought and some planning, you can make it easy to do business no matter where you are. Reliv has created an entire suite of digital and tangible tools with busy entrepreneurs like you in mind. Take advantage of these items that make it easy for you to create a mobile office to achieve success while you’re out and about living your life. You can even share these tools with others, and show them all the support that they’ll have when they start their own business! It’s a win-win!

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