Running a Reliv Business? There’s an App for That!

By Director of Marketing, Erin Koch

Woman on phone

Never — and we mean never — in the history of Reliv has there been a better time to start your own business as an independent Distributor. Why? Because now running your Reliv empire is as easy as pushing a button on your smart phone.

“Partnering with Reliv to build your own business means that you must stay engaged with Reliv and all of the support, information, tools, notifications and updates provided to run your business effectively. We live in an information age and now with the mobile app, everything for your Reliv business will be at your fingertips. This is the most important and comprehensive tool ever created by Reliv to help Distributors build their business.”

Reliv International Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Montgomery

“The app will help to facilitate the business so much. As more and more people are building an additional income with Reliv as a second job, they need fast and efficient tools to work on the go. It is the ultimate tool for a nomad business like Reliv.”

Presidential Bronze Ambassador, Caroline Labourier



On the home screen, you’ll see everything you need to recruit new Distributors and customers, get the latest training and tools you need and have instant access to reports that will help you grow your cheque (and the cheques of your downline!) by leaps and bounds.


Now all of your recruits are conveniently stored in the app. Here you can view their activity, share a video or share a website. You can even filter leads based on their activities. This makes it so easy to follow up with them!


Now you can share, download or play a Reliv video with the push of a button! No internet connection is needed to download videos!


Visit all of your important Reliv websites from one place!


View your latest activity including requalification details and the amount of your last cheque. You can even track two months of sales data, including personal group volume, signups, rank advancements and more!

My Sales

Here you can view your personal group sales orders. You can toggle back and forth between the current month and the previous month and even sort by order date.

My Downline

Ever wished you had your downlines’ info at the touch of a button? Now you can view your personal group and breakaway stats and see member details. You’ll also be able to send a text, call or email them without leaving this screen. So convenient!

Tools & Training

From the latest training videos and podcasts to important tools like the order calculator and price list, you’ll find everything you need to help a new Distributor right here.


Whether you’re working with a customer, new Distributor or want to place your own order, it’s easy to shop for Reliv products!


Never miss another Reliv corporate event again!

Interested in trying out the Reliv mobile app?

Purchase the Reliv Web Bundle for only £10 a month and not only will you gain access to the mobile app but you will also receive the Distributor Dashboard to track your business and your own personal website. Master Affiliates can enjoy their first 3 months of the Reliv Web Bundle for FREE!

If you already have the Reliv Web Bundle, the mobile app will be included in this package at no extra cost so you can start using the app right away!

Visit to find out more and enjoy having everything you need to build your Reliv business at your fingertips.

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