10-Minute Activities for Staying Healthy Together

By Director of Product Development, Tina Van Horn and Reliv Europe.

As a mom, my family’s health and wellness is at the forefront of my mind EVERY DAY.

Balancing Act of Family Health

There is a continuous balancing act to make sure that everyone’s physical needs are met and that their bodies are healthy, without losing sight of their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. No wonder parents are tired! Meeting all of those needs is genuinely overwhelming some days.

Spending Time Together

Family wellness is so much more than putting nutritious meals on the table and setting limits on screen time. It is also about family habits, lifestyles and relationships! Our hectic lifestyles don’t exactly foster family wellness and certainly interfere with quality family time which has been shown to improve behaviour and academic performance, build self-esteem, encourage communication skills and reinforce healthy habits.

Making Good Health a Family Value

If you are anything like me, you might be feeling a bit of “mom guilt” and anxiety when you think about all of the things that we should be doing as a family. Honestly, my head is spinning just trying to figure out how to start. Just like any other lifestyle change, the trick is to start slow. If you were starting a new fitness routine, I would suggest starting with 10 minutes, so why not apply that same strategy to family wellness?

I’m pretty sure we can all carve out an extra 10 minutes of family time each day to build connections. But if your kids aren’t into just sitting around for 10 minutes of conversation, here are a few activities that will get everybody involved:

  • Plan and prepare simple meals or snacks together – scrambled eggs, healthy cakes
  • Look through family photo albums together or watch family videos
  • Volunteer together – help a neighbour to tend to their garden, walk an elderly relative’s dog for them
  • Test a new Reliv shake recipe together or make up your own – it’s ok to add a few chocolate chips or some sprinkles!
  • Plant and grow something together – flowers, vegetables, herbs
  • Make up “conversation cards” with fun, open-ended questions that everybody can answer – If you were an animal, what would you be and why? If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
  • Move together – walk, get out your skipping ropes, play hide and seek, dance
  • Plan a scavenger hunt or play “I spy” around your home or neighbourhood
  • Read an article together, taking turns reading out loud and then discuss
  • Play a board game, cards or dominoes
  • Work on a jigsaw puzzle together whilst taking turns picking the music that you listen to
  • Send out birthday cards or write letters to family members

The possibilities for finding fun and creative ways to spend time together are endless. In addition to making memories that will last a lifetime, you’re also showing your love for your family. Another way you can show your family that you love them is to make sure that they’re taking their Reliv shakes!

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