Experiencing the Beauty of Rome with Reliv Europe

By Reliv Europe & Independent Reliv Distributor, Anne Geisler.

Rome Collage

Reliv Europe strives to reward our hard-working Distributors with exciting and special incentives. With our ‘Europe Your Way’ promotion, the qualification was to achieve the Top PGPV position over two months in order to earn a city-break to a destination of the winner’s choice. Our lucky winner of this promotion was Anne Geisler from France who chose to spend her weekend away in the beautiful city of Rome! Read about her experience below:

“This was the third time that I’ve been to Rome but the first time with my husband and we’ve been wanting to go there together for a long time. It was a truly exceptional weekend because it was all organised for us: the hotel, the trips and the Chef-Designed Food Tour but we also had free time – I loved this freedom.

We met with a group on the Saturday for our Food Tour in a small square in a popular and lively area (le Trastevere) before our guide took us to various places to sample typical Italian cuisine. We strolled through the streets buzzing with Italian youth and stopped off everywhere trying and savouring different pizzas and Italian delicacies. We also sampled cheese in an old, extraordinary grocery store – what a delight!

Then to our surprise, our guide took us into a magnificent palace which was old-fashioned but with a lot of charm and we were lead through to a beautiful little garden. There we were in the middle of town and all we could hear was the birds. We were completely surrounded by greenery, the fragrant smell of a lemon tree and the walls and windows of this beautiful building. In the middle was a table set up for us and we were served with a delicious pasta dish and a ricotta tart accompanied by a delicate fruity wine from Sardinia. Our companions on the tour were really lovely people and we spent a wonderful time together.

A real highlight of the trip was the transportation Reliv had arranged for our Food Tour. After a bus tour and visit to the Colosseum (using the pass that we received from Reliv), we were returning to the hotel, a little on the tired side because of the heat and having done a great deal of walking, when we noticed a beautiful black car with a chauffeur waiting outside the hotel. Laughing, I said to my husband, “Perhaps that’s our chauffeur?” He replied, “Oh no I don’t think so, what a beautiful car!” But guess what…this chauffeur driving a stunning Mercedes was waiting to take us to our Food Tour! Visiting Rome like this was a real treat and so unusual for us. My husband was astonished and I was so happy! This was something that I really appreciated.

I hope that our photos show just what a beautiful city Rome is, how classy and luxurious the hotel was, how well situated it was and that the weekend was a resounding success.

Thank you Reliv Europe for this luxurious experience – we would have never seen Rome like this ourselves. Thank you for all of the hospitality and the touching attention to detail. It was an excellent prize and one that has really motivated me to continue sharing the Reliv opportunity with others enthusiastically!”

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