Why Fitness Friends Are So Important

By Reliv Product Marketing Specialist, Tina Van Horn.


I prefer to exercise in the morning. It’s the time of day when my energy is the best and also the only time of day that I can consistently make time to work out. So you might assume that I leap out of bed and grab my running shoes when the alarm goes off at 4:30 a.m., right? Well, not exactly.

There is generally some grumbling as I reach for the snooze button and my brain starts to process why I am getting up so early. At this point, I’m trying to figure out how I can squeeze in a workout later and secretly hoping for a text from Sara, my workout partner, to let me know that she can’t meet this morning to run. I am completely deceiving myself — I don’t have time later and Sara NEVER cancels. To be honest, I never cancel either. That’s the beauty of having a workout partner — motivation and accountability.

Meeting My Fitness Pal

Sara and I met 12 years ago at a local 5K race. We didn’t really know each other then, but over the next few years we bumped into each other at races and running (literally) around town. About seven years ago, we started running together. We have run thousands of miles together and regularly workout three to four times per week. Not only is she my workout pal, but she is now a very close friend. And it was fitness that originally brought us together.

The Power of a Support System

Various research studies have proven what we already know — that social support is a powerful motivator when it comes to establishing a regular exercise routine and achieving fitness goals.  Statistics suggest that when you exercise with a partner or group, you not only work harder and longer, but you also burn more calories per session. A study conducted at Indiana University proved that working out as a pair significantly decreased the dropout rate versus those who joined a gym together, but exercised separately.

Most health and fitness professionals validate the importance of a support system when it comes to creating long-term health and fitness success. So, unless you have a highly motivated, extremely introverted personality, you will definitely see better results when you establish a network of people who have common health goals and interests.

Health and fitness is definitely a team activity. Your fitness teammate(s) is out there. Chances are, they are looking for you too.

So go ahead and lace up your trainers and make some new friends. After all, that’s what we do here at Reliv — we make new friends and enjoy a healthy lifestyle with nutritional products!

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