How Fun Would It Be If YOU Were the One in Charge?

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Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom dreaming of a way to build a successful business from home. Or maybe you feel trapped in the corporate world and are not getting the recognition or rewards for your hard work and extra hours. Now imagine for a moment how fun it would be if you were the one in charge.

What it’s like to be a Reliv Ambassador

  • You can achieve things you never thought were possible.
  • You have an opportunity to travel the world, meeting people and sharing Reliv.
  • You serve as a mentor and leader for others who are moving forward.
  • You’re entrusted with growing Reliv and often serve as a speaker at special events and training workshops.
  • You have even more opportunities to earn bonuses, trips and recognition reserved only for Reliv Ambassadors.
  • You will be recognised and appreciated by your company and peers.
  • You will grow personally and professionally every step of the way.
  • You can truly reach financial and time freedom, which you will redefine for yourself many times along this journey!

“You reach Ambassador by helping people set goals, and teaching them to maximise the Reliv support System. Being an Ambassador is amazing because your job is to help others achieve their goals and make their dreams come true.”

Joe & Carol Felger
Presidential Four-Time Platinum Ambassadors

Chicago, IL

Can I really become an Ambassador?

This is our most elite recognition and rewards programme available by invitation only. We have invited everyone from stay-at-home moms to former teachers who have found success with Reliv. So yes, you really can become an Ambassador if you are willing to work hard and if we determine your values and actions are consistent with the beliefs of Reliv.

What does a Reliv Ambassador do?

Our Ambassadors invest additional time and effort to help Reliv grow and convey a picture of the company. This still includes talking to more people about Reliv! Our Ambassadors also host training workshops at Master Affiliate Training SchoolsEuropean Conference and other special events.

One of our core beliefs here at Reliv is “Personal Growth.” We believe that the best part about Reliv is who you become in the process. When your pursuits are with purpose, you begin to feel better about YOU and achieve fulfilment. This is part of what makes our Ambassador programme so special. This is our most prestigious recognition and rewards programme for Distributors who have provided, and continue to provide, extraordinary service. We look forward to extending an invitation to YOU!

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