Bravo! (January)

By Reliv Europe Chairman, Eric Vill.

Welcome to Bravo! This is your very own Reliv Europe recognition newsletter where I am going to highlight each month those who have taken their Reliv business to a new, higher level and have had a positive impact on the lives of others. We will have bonus winners, Champion of Champions winners, rising stars, trip winners and Distributors who I think have made a difference.

With so much success in December it is hard for me to decide who I’m going to give the accolade of being the first person to ever be recognised in the first edition of Bravo! But after a lot of consideration, I have chosen someone who made a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. I would like to recognise a UK Distributor who in one day raised by herself over £700 for the Reliv Kalogris Foundation. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!


On behalf of all of us who support the Kalogris Foundation and those who will benefit from the money raised, we say thank you and a massive Bravo!

Do you like to travel? It’s even better when Reliv pays for it!

Just over a year ago we gave our European Distributors the choice of 3 fantastic destinations to choose from for our 2021 Travel the World Promotion. South Africa came out as top choice but due to current events, we can’t confirm our final choice of location. However, what I do know is wherever we take the winners, it will be the trip of a lifetime!

Here are the European Distributors who have put in the extra effort and I am delighted to announce as our Travel the World winners. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Elvira Stola

Margot Filipovic

Carmen Stamp

Kirstin Rosenzweig

Birgit Mertens

Andreas & Nadja Reinold

Andreas & Britta Bullmann

Sabrina Krakolinig

Christophe & Nadine Aignel

Caroline Durand

Caroline Follet

This is a wonderful and top performance from you all throughout the whole of 2021. Absolutely fantastic!

Rising Stars

It is fantastic to see when Distributors start achieving those all-important levels of leadership and rise up the Reliv ladder. December produced a healthy number of rising stars and new Master Affiliates. Bravo! 

New Master Affiliates

Marine Leconte

Rainer Linsenbuehler

Jeanne Lemaire

Marie Foignier

One rising star stands out in December as you will see later in this edition of Bravo! Sponsored by Françoise and Pierre Poulizac, Clémence Bluteau has moved from Master Affiliate to our newest Director. Bravo!                                                         

New Directors

Clémence Bluteau

Fantastic work Clémence! But you didn’t finish there…

Now for our December big bonus winners. These are the Distributors who had the highest Personal Group Point Volume (PGPV) in Europe in December 2021. Grow your customer base, sponsor new Distributors, develop new Master Affiliates and these bonuses could be yours and you will become a Reliv Europe CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS.

December Reliv Europe Champion of Champions

1st place : Clémence Bluteau, France – £750

2nd place: Caroline Follet, France – £500

3rd place: Nadja & Andreas Reinold, Austria – £300

4th place: Caroline Durand Labourier, France – £150

Congratulations to all of our winners and a special mention once again to rising star Clémence who tops this elite group. Nearly a clean sweep for France but Andreas & Nadja Reinold from Austria stopped that party from happening! Bravo! TO ALL OF YOU!

PROMO 1-2-3

Promo 1: Find and maintain Customers = Reliv Product credits

Promo 2: Find and sponsor new Distributors = Cash bonuses

Promo 3: Develop new Master Affiliates = Larger cash bonuses!

Congratulations to all of you who have earned a Promo 1-2-3 product credit or bonus in December. Bravo!


£50/€50 Reliv Product Credit

Nadine & Christophe Aignel

Sophie & Ronan Quelven

Maylis Sauvegrain

Nathalie Joussaume

Zeenat Saiyed

£100/€100 Product Credit

Caroline Follet

Nathalie De Pontac


Clémence Bluteau: £30

Thomas Wolf Erik & Gabriela Ebigt: £60

Bozena Galecka: £10

Geneviève Parois: £10

Isabel Laehner: £10

Virginie Le Pan D’Epenoux: £10

Marie Moreau de la Ronde: £10

Winnifred McLeish-Jacques: £10

Nadine & Christophe Aignel: £10

Sophie & Ronan Quelven: £10

Elvira Stola: £10

Faith Vidal: £10

Jason Gregory: £10

Beate Wejs: £10


Caroline Follet: £100

Clémence Bluteau: £200

I would like to draw attention to a few of our Promo 1-2-3 winners. Firstly, Zeenat Saiyed who is the first UK Distributor to win a Promo 1 product credit. Bravo! The name Caroline Follet consistently appears in the list above. Bravo!

Can you also see Clémence Bluteau appearing again and again? Wonderful and Bravo!

Something to think about!

When non-Reliv people say, “I never get and have never had any recognition or praise for the job I do and as sure as eggs are eggs, I’ve never had a bonus!” Our answer should be, “It doesn’t have to be that way, take a look at this.” Then show them a copy of Bravo! It could be the start of a fantastic relationship.

Eric’s TIP for the month!

Turn up!  I will let you think about that one.

Thank you for the opportunity to help and for all you do.


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