The inside scoop from new Key Directors Marie Dhellemmes & Arnaud Lecuyer

We love to hear from our Reliv Distributors who are making advancements, earning bonuses, and showing how to shake up their business. Below, you’ll hear about their Reliv experiences and what they’re doing to grow their Reliv businesses. You might even get some great advice to help you follow in their footsteps!

Marie Dhellemmes & Arnaud Lecuyer, France

Once again Congratulations to both Marie & Arnaud who advanced to rank of Key Directors in March of this year!  They live with their 3 children in Saint-Malo, Brittany. We are delighted to hear about their success and wanted to find out more about their Reliv journey!  Here is what Marie had to say:

Q: In addition to your work with Reliv, what do you like to do in your spare time?

As well as our work with Reliv, my husband Arnaud works for a company that specialises in smart devices for the home and I’ve been working in a school since September. In our spare time, we enjoy DIY and gardening.  We’re lucky enough to live by the sea and love jumping the waves and walking along the Britanny coastline!

Q: What is your Reliv regimen? 

We take a combination of Reliv products – Reliv Classic/Reliv Now, Reliv Innergize, FibRestore and LunaRich C.  Our children love Reliv Now for Kids!

Q: How has Reliv had a positive impact on your life?

Reliv has helped me in particular develop on a personal level.  I am much more self-assured and much more confident being out of my comfort zone.  Reliv has also had a very positive effect on the wellbeing of the whole family.

Q: What do you do to develop your Reliv business? 

We’ve been with Reliv for 10 years now.  At the beginning, we concentrated on talking about Reliv with those people around us.  People started to join us and our network began to grow.  We also relied on the Reliv System and the support of our team.  Today, 10 years on we are delighted to have advanced to rank of Key Directors – we would like to thank the whole team!

Q: How has your Reliv business impacted your life? 

When I was introduced to Reliv (thanks to my mother! 😉), I was pregnant with our second child.  I wasn’t working at the time and then I realised that Reliv could offer us an invaluable opportunity – the perfect balance between family life and our professional lives. I really appreciate the freedom of being able to manage my work around my family and to always be there for our 3 children.

Q: What do you tell other people about Reliv?

I tell them that Reliv is a family business where the support on offer and teamwork is key to success!  It’s also a company that provides high quality nutritional products.  And finally, I tell them that Reliv is a humane and caring company.  Thanks to the excellent work of the Kalogris Foundation and donations from the Reliv Distributors, Reliv products are distributed all around the world to help those children who are less fortunate.

Q: What is your advice to a new Reliv Distributor?

I would advise any new Reliv Distributor to lean on the support of their team and to make good use of the Reliv System.  Come out of your comfort zone, have self-belief, be patient and have fun along the way! Importantly, never give up, everyone can succeed!

Q: What is your next goal for your Reliv business?

I don’t have a specific goal in mind at the moment.  I’m happy to let this Reliv Adventure carry me wherever! I love surprises and I’ll find out soon enough where I’m going!

Q: Why did you choose Reliv? 

I chose Reliv because I believe in the high quality of the Reliv products.  I also value the humane qualities of the Reliv business – the help and support that you get, the kindness and the good humour of the people that I am lucky enough to work with.

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