Fore! Lessons for Life From Reliv’s (Golf) Pros

Reliv professionals have lessons to share from their time on the golf course. Their advice translates beautifully from the game into entrepreneurship and life.

Ryan Montgomery, Chief Executive Officer

Golf can be a roller coaster. One day can be your career best, and the next day it all falls apart. I’ve learned to keep my confidence from the game of golf. The key is to remember the good shots and forget the bad.

Patience and a positive attitude are better for your game, and also more enjoyable for those playing in your group. This translates to business when you’re in a situation that requires persistence and an optimistic outlook.

Don’t try to do too many things with your golf swing. It’s easy to get too many swing thoughts going on at once when standing above the ball. Find what works for you, on an off the course, and repeat that behavior. Keep it simple.

Dawn VanAmberg, Senior Director

My first time on a golf course was at a family reunion. I didn’t know how to golf, but I wanted to learn so I could spend more time with my family and have fun. I learned that you need to take the good shots with the bad and ask for help on how to hold the club. I also sought advice on which clubs to use for each shot, and how to stand and swing.

But, most of all, I learned to be patient with myself because golf is a learned skill and I recognized that I had a lot of learning to do. My desire to improve led to taking lessons from a professional. Making the time to learn and being consistent in practice led me to become a better golfer.

I remind myself to stay focused and keep a positive attitude. Each game is different, and everyone has good days and bad. Remembering these things helped me fall in love with the sport. When you love doing something, or helping others, it isn’t work. Your willingness to improve makes the reward of an amazing shot or hole-in-one a euphoric high. If you never quit learning what works and doesn’t, your game will improve. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and be open-minded to the wisdom and advice of others.

Kurt Wulff, Vice President of Marketing

Focus on what is important: It gets increasingly difficult to stay in touch with certain friends and family as I get older. Our lives never seem to slow down. Golf has made it possible for me to spend time with certain friends and family members I wouldn’t see on a regular basis if not for our tee time. It has taught me the importance of putting time and effort into relationships with those I care about.

Learn the importance of consistent practice: When it comes to golf, the best way to practice is to identify the fundamentals of a good swing and then practice them over and over again. Even the world’s top professionals practice constantly and make adjustments as needed along the way. No matter how good your swing is, you will see a decline in performance without consistent practice.

Seek coaching and expert advice: It is often impossible to know what you are doing wrong without someone who is better than you, and more experienced, reviewing your swing and identifying issues only they can see as a trained observer. Leverage their expertise to your advantage and your game will improve dramatically.

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