Stay Healthy While Travelling

By Director of Product Development, Tina Van Horn.

We’ve all been there. You plan a relaxing holiday, but when you return home your souvenirs include digestive issues, infections or viruses and maybe even some extra pounds. The good news is that with a little bit of preparation you can avoid these common health hazards typically associated with travel.

How to Avoid Calorie Bombs

Regardless of whether you are flying, driving or using any other mode of transportation, be sure to check out menus online for dining options near your destination. This will help you avoid the temptations of the sights and smells once you sit down to order. Identify places you want to try that may have fresh local produce that is typically far healthier than the standard chain restaurant choices.

If it’s available, look at the nutrition information for enticing foods. You don’t have to analyse every macro and micronutrient, but you will make better choices if you know that your salad is 500 calories or even 2500 calories! Yes, salads can be bigger calorie bombs than other options! Also, don’t be afraid to make special requests, such as sauces and dressings on the side or substitute fries for fresh vegetables.

Hydrate with H2O

Many of us have a tendency to get dehydrated when we travel, especially if we are flying. Typically, we don’t drink enough water because we don’t want to make pit stops or use the aeroplane lavatory. But dehydration not only contributes to some of the gastric upsets that are common to travellers, but it also zaps your energy and can cause irritability. Headaches and muscle cramps are some other common symptoms.

Don’t be tempted by sodas, sugary beverages and cocktails. The easiest strategy is to carry a water bottle with you everywhere and refill it often. Even at the airport, you can carry an empty water bottle with you through security and then fill it from a drinking fountain at the gate.

Healthy Snacks and Nutrition

It’s also a good idea to pack some snacks and small meals, just in case you get delayed or the available options are limited to vending machines or fast food. Some travel-friendly items include nuts, dried fruit, low-sugar nutrition bars, fresh veggies and of course, your Reliv products. They’re portable, simple and convenient to take with you.

If you happen to get stuck in the airport on a long layover or delay, all of the major airports now have a really great variety of healthy options. If you have a road trip coming up, you have a little more freedom to pack your own food, so use that to your advantage. Baby carrots and other raw veggies are great because they are relatively low-calorie, loaded with fibre and help keep you hydrated. Not only are these healthy suggestions, but they may also help combat boredom as you pass the miles.

Even convenience stores now stock a surprising selection of healthy choices like yoghurt, nuts, fresh fruit and veggies.

How to Sneak in Some Physical Activity

During a layover, get up and move around the terminal for some exercise and check out all of the food options. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of healthy foods that are available, such as fresh fruit, salads and sandwiches. Some in-flight magazines even include simple exercises you can do from your seat like leg lifts to keep you from getting too stiff. Of course if you’re on a road trip, take stretching breaks each time you stop to refuel.

Remember to Rest

Travel can certainly take its toll on your immune system, so make sure to schedule some down time into your itinerary. Naps and holidays just go together!

Do you have some tips of your own for staying healthy during your travels? Comment below!

One thought on “Stay Healthy While Travelling

  1. Clean your airline seats with fresh wipes.
    Use hand sanatizer.
    Breath deeply when you get outdoors to refresh your lungs.
    Use a nose pot to clean out your nostrils.
    Drink plenty of orange juice/vitamin c with your reliv shakes.
    Shower, shower, shower after a long day of traveling.
    Always, use fresh wipes in your hotel room to clean the phone, remote, light switches and door knobs. Hope this helps.
    Marcia E. Daniels


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