How to Deal With Food Pushers

By Reliv Product Marketing Specialist, Tina Van Horn.

Have you ever met a food pusher? Or maybe you’ve been one? Food pushers can be relentless when it comes to encouraging you to “Have some! Just a little bit. Come on. Loosen up! A few bites won’t hurt!”

Who is a Food Pusher?

“Food Pushers” are usually some of our closest friends and family and although they care about you and have nothing but the best intentions, their persistence can be exhausting, especially at family functions and social occasions. Also, you might feel guilty when saying no to those that you genuinely care about. Nobody wants to hurt Aunt Edna’s feelings by turning down her famous coconut cream pie!

Sometimes it’s hard to realise when we are being food pushers, too. This weekend I was shoving sweets toward my friends. I didn’t realise at the time that I was being a food pusher but in hindsight, I feel terrible.

Take Control of Your Indulgences

It’s okay to indulge when it’s worth it. Always own that decision and enjoy every tasty morsel. But don’t relinquish control to the food pushers! They may make comments or tease you, but believe in yourself and know that you are making choices for YOU!

Strategies to Save Yourself

To prevent hurting their feelings and to give yourself a break from their persistence, here are a few strategies that might help diffuse the situation:

– Always be kind, but stand your ground.

  • “Have some of this cheesecake!”
  • “That sounds delightful, but I really am trying to cut back on sweets. Thank you for the offer!”

– Say that you’ll try it later.

  • “Try this coconut cream pie, it’s delicious!”
  • “Oh thank you. I’ll have some later.”

– Tell them that a certain ingredient upsets your stomach.

  • “You have to have just a bite of this cheese dip I made!
  • “Oh thank you, but sometimes cheese upsets my stomach. I better not.”

Stay strong and don’t let the food pushers gain control of YOUR food choices!

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