Step Off the Financial Treadmill with Reliv

By Reliv International & Reliv Europe.


Do you ever feel like you’re running a never-ending race? You work hard for your pay-cheque only to watch it disappear to cover bills, groceries and other necessities. But you tell yourself to keep working hard and maybe next year your boss will give you the raise you deserve. Then you can “get ahead.” If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. In fact, millions of people around the world like you have already decided to make the switch to something better: network marketing.

Why Network Marketing is King

We’re living in a stressed out, credit card maxed-out world. Many people find themselves buried under mountains of debt. Just take a look at these staggering stats from 2015*:

Gross Debt-to-Income Ratio of Households 

Austria: 82.69%
Germany: 82.78%
France: 86.14%
United Kingdom: 125.87%
Ireland: 179.55%
Netherlands: 214.45%

It’s no wonder that in 2015, the direct selling industry had sales in the entire European region which amounted to €32 billion. 99 million people around the world have made a career of network marketing, which offers unlimited earning potential. Why wait a year for that raise when you can start earning more now? Throw in the flexibility to work from home and be your own boss and you have 9 to 5ers everywhere lining up. Everyone from stay-at-home moms looking to supplement income to recent university graduates are switching to network marketing.

Why so Many Choose Reliv

There are many network marketing companies out there, so why choose Reliv?
Well, there are a lot of reasons including:

  • Exclusive, US patented and proven products
  • Target market: Reliv is for everyone
  • Low start-up costs, especially compared to expensive franchises with little guarantee
  • No-risk, 100% buyback guarantee and 30-day customer guarantee
  • Built-in manufacturing, marketing, distribution, customer service and more
  • The chance to earn residual income for life
  • Successful network of Reliv Distributors with a vested interest in helping you succeed
  • You can earn bonuses and trips around the world
  • You can make a difference by helping others

Let’s Talk Retirement

Want to retire at 65 or even earlier? You can practically forget it if you’re in the
traditional workforce.

But with Reliv, your retirement income can include more than interest on your savings. Building a Reliv distribution network gives you a long-term, income-producing asset. Every time someone in your network drinks a shake, you get paid. So the work you do now can literally pay you for the rest of your life — and you can even pass it on to your children. That’s called residual income, and it’s what makes Reliv such a powerful income opportunity for today and throughout your financial future.

The Future’s So Bright

Break out your sunglasses because the future really is bright in the network marketing and wellness industries.

Network marketing is booming with retail revenue worldwide reaching $182 billion.

Someone thought enough to direct you to this article that could be the spark you need to
make some big changes. Maybe you want to work from home so you can spend more time with your family. Maybe you want a flexible work schedule so you can fit in your workouts and errands whenever you want. Maybe you don’t want to wait another
year hoping for a raise and want to start earning more now. Whatever your “maybe” is, you found Reliv for a reason. And now is the right place and the right time to take a look at just how big the Reliv opportunity can be for you.




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